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Our Tried & True Hiring Process

How To Successfully Place the Right Match

The Importance of Background & Reference Checks
Many families get so excited at the prospect of a highly recommended nanny or tutor solely based on a recommendation from a friend or through the grapevine and inadvertently skip the necessary screening process.  Multiple background checks (criminal, driving, sexual offender database etc) and reference checks of past employers and acquaintances are pertinent steps that must be taken in order to find and be comfortable with your new hire.  We take these steps very seriously and only present you with highly qualified and cleared candidates.

Trial Periods
A trial period is an excellent gauge as to how well you, your family and your new hire will mesh together.  Even though a candidate may be perfect on paper sometimes the chemistry isn’t quite right which is something that can only be experienced through a trial period.  It is also important to see how your new nanny or tutor interacts with your child or children and in turn how your children react to them.  Trust your child’s instinct, they’re often the best gauge of character!

Treat Others as… Well You Know the Rest
One of the major components to a successful and long relationship with your nanny or tutor is to treat them like the professional they are.  Just as you would expect from a corporate or office job it is important that your nanny receive appropriate vacation days and time off as well as competitive pay in accordance to their duties.  Being an excellent care giver is a rewarding job but also demanding and draining, it is important that your nanny know you appreciate them, after all, they’re responsible for the most important people in your life!

The Importance of a Nanny Contract
A mutually agreed upon contract between you and your nanny keeps everyone on the same page and considerably decreases the chances of disagreements or turmoil in the future.  It is important that your nanny know exactly what is expected of them and what their benefits are as well.  If everyone is in agreement you’re much more likely to have a harmonious relationship with your nanny.