Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

“Thank you so much for your time and advice – as an anxious first-time mom, I was really grateful for the knowledgeable and amazing baby nurse you placed with me. The care she gave to my baby was fantastic and put me at ease, especially with a Preemie.”

– Julie P. (Mom) Studio City

“We were able to interview 3 candidates within a week of starting the hiring process, all of whom were what we were looking for: energetic, caring and creative.  The whole process was quick and painless as it could have possibly have been! We really appreciated Jessica. Her attention to what we were looking for, and for sending us only candidates who fit our needs-we didn’t waste any time interviewing candidates who weren’t right.”

– Kate E. (Mom) Santa Monica

“When I first contacted BHNT, I wasn’t sure what to expect but they placed me with the perfect family right off the bat! Knowing that I am instrumental in the lives of children as they learn and grow has been one of the best experiences of my life. I commend parents who recognize the importance of utilizing the “whole village” to raise a child! BHNT truly does care about the outcome of each placement they make which sets it apart from the rest!”

– Stephanie (Nanny) Marina del Rey

“We were stuck in the afternoon cycle of procrastinating and complaining about homework with our 2nd grader.  Both my husband and I were going crazy.  BHNT was able to find a male tutor for our son who is creative and patient with him.  Mason actually looks forward to homework time now because he gets to see his big buddy! Thank you BHNT!”-

– Ben & Amy T. (Parents) Beverly Hills

“The hospital had recommended a baby nurse to us who was making me miserable in my own home.  She was overbearing and made me feel inadequate with my own baby.  Once I found BHNT I explained to Jessica that I wanted someone quiet and gentle who would be patient with me while I was learning the ropes.  She sent me Doris who has been my savior and brings such great energy to our home.”

– Eve P. (Mom) Bel Air